Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's TIME to seperate the Fan's from the Players...Its time to Play the Game

The tides are changing in my YOUR LIFE. Ask me how I know -- I know God and I know Change is the only thing Constant.... its funny I used to look at trouble and adversity as a form of jinx, I used to take it hard and I used to think that it was only going to get worse. I used to think that when God took something away from me that it was just the end and well I was doomed to struggle.... Notice I said "I USED TO" , that chapter closed in my life a long time ago.

However, I received a revelation that opened my eyes and brought about great clarity in this season. It's time to dream, its time to look around you and identify your starting lineup, its time to see if the players on your team are still qualified and capable of playing alongside you... How strong is your defensive stance... MAN its time to get it cracking...
If you allow me, I want to share with you my story in hopes that you will learn why Freedom in every area of your life is so00000 important. Freedom from corporate slavery, freedom from opinons of man, freedom from any form of bondage in your life...

In that I ask you this vitally important question? Are you up against the grain and are you living a life contradictory to the purpose that you've been called to? Because that's when you can usually deterime just how healthly you and your team are! See, when you live outside of the will of God, you're living in CONTRADICTION and your defending the very people on your team... you'll get that in a minute...

You see its in the moments of CONTRADICTION that brings about moments of CONDEMATION which are brief moments that brings your spirit down to no HOPE – but then we realize that there is no CONDEMNATION to those that are in Christ Jesus… and suddenly a moment of CRISIS follows….

When a CRISIS arises it sometimes comes to tell us that if we don't CHANGE… something destructive is bound to happen…taking us to a place of no return…you have to realize that your PURPOSE is NOT about you… its not about satisfying your personal desires, its not about how you feel, not about taking that which doesn't belong and surely its not worth being outside of his will and living in CONDEMNATION or DESTRUCTION.

Please understand that in this season THERE IS MORE ON THE LINE THAN YOUR PLEASURE… destiny awaits – and trust me when you get there, you'll have plenty of time to satisfy your soul… the right way.Let me share a little story with you: In order to catch a monkey, hunters place a piece of fruit inside of a cage, the hunter knows that the MONKEY's desire for the fruit is so strong; strong enough to lure him to the trap; So the monkey, being the intellectual being that it is thinks he's smart and instead of going into the cage he reaches through the bars and grabs the fruit, after he gets the fruit he holds on to it and forms a fist, which stays closed tightly... unable to pull his fist back through the cage – the hunter then throws his net and suddenly the monkey finds himself trapped in the hunters net. Caught up and all because he wouldn't let go!Doesn't that sound like us --- when the ENEMY comes to us with the things we like, he sets it out on a silver platter and he hides behind a tree watching and waiting to see if we "go for it":

But oh if we could ONLY LET GO! Let go of greed and unforgiveness, let go of the pain of the one who did us wrong, let go of lust, let go of the things that hold our flesh to the fire and all those other distractions that keep us bound, trapped and away from our destiny.
Oh only if when he or she called... you could tell him or her I want to live for GOD and I'm not going to meet you... Oh if only I could forgive her because she took my man… Oh if only I could forgive my daddy who was never there for me twenty years ago, see once you've had your moment of CRISIS it is then followed by the moment of CONFUSION... this moment comes when your so frustrated that you want to throw up your hands up, you cant understand why things are happening the way they are in your life, you can't understand why all these doors are closing, you can't understand which way to turn, because your so used to the lies that you experienced in your state of CONTRADICTION and now as you've begun to see the way to your purpose in your state of CRISIS…. you find yourself in a moment of CONFUSION, a moment when your spirit will fabricate a new theology to merely keep you trapped in the state that you were in. It is in the moment of confusion that man takes the bible and says... well in the old days, a man had more than one wife and in the word its says, I can have what I say I can have… we spiritual beings like to call those Exso-Jesus, in short in the moment of CONFUSION we manipulate GODS word for our exclusive benefit.

The moment of CONFUSION is the followed by a moment of CONVICTION.... this is the moment where GOD shows you a way out – the great exit sign! It's in this moment that you know that your deliverance is now... The moment of CONVICTION is followed by a moment of CONCESSION... this is the moment when you fall before God and say LORD do with me what you need to do... these are the moments that bring about change... the moments after you've asked for help and God sends you power in the name of Jesus and this very same power will evict the devil... this power CHANGES you... Trust me… change is still taking place... even though Jesus died some 2000 ago, his power is still the same today... he still changes… his blood still covers… he still redeems… he still forgives…The moment of CHANGE leads you to a moment of CELEBRATION... its that very moment where you can look back from where you've come from... the very moment that you know that HE got you out of the miry clay, the moment you realize that GOD HAND PICKED you for such a time as this and that every thing else was a distraction on your way to fulfilling your pre-destined purpose.

The question I ask you in this moment is how long will you continue to be distracted knowing all that you know – knowing that YOU were set apart and are called to be extraordinary in God's sight. Don't worry about your haters, your enemies, those who left you, those who slandered your name, instead pray a DOUBLE PORTION for them. Continue to PRAY God's peace in their life. LET GO! and LIVE ON PURPOSE!I AM FREE TODAY... BECAUSE GOD LIFTED ME UP!! OUT FROM THE FIRE...GOD SHOWED ME THAT YOU COULD BURY FREEDOM… BUT YOU CANT KILL IT… and the road I've traveled is by any means glamorous. I'm alive today because God knew that he could put into my womb life that would populate nations, life that would heal broken hearts, life that would manifest change across the world, and while the enemy tries to get to go to that fruit of destruction; you have to learn to die daily and continue to carry the cross that he give us to bear, remembering that if they could crucify him, imagine what they will try to do to you and me. Why because there are nations waiting on your arrival. Personally, once I realized that it was me that had to go to the lands…

I began to open my heart and allow GOD to prepare me for these places.., and its been so exciting. Open up your heart – LET GO, LIVE ON PURPOSE… and move onward… there is a HEAVEN here on earth and God's waiting on you to join the party so that he can CELEBRATE with you!
Leap and the net will appear and remember, if nobody told you today,.. I Love you! From the heart and mind of Chinaza Duson

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