Friday, June 10, 2011


It's a scorching morning here in Atlanta. I sit in Starbucks and I reflect on where God has allowed me to go, the people He has allowed me to meet, the work I've been blessed to do and the things He's allowed me to accomplish - I came to the conclusion a long-time ago that NOTHING, I do or have done is, has been, or was ever about me. It's about YOU (OTHERS). It’s a blessing to be used to impact economic and social change and it’s ever so empowering to aid in the termination and/or shift of the poor, excuse ridden mindset. It’s an anatomic rush... when you participate in and see lives changed and your able to LIVE on PURPOSE! I HAVE FOR THE MASSES, A SOLUTION and I MUST SHARE IT!


However, I'm led to share a few things first... for critics, skeptics, naysayers, excuse makers. The lifestyle I live must be shared and having been charged with helping more people get to this side, – the “mindsets of comfort, poverty and excuses must be combatted".

Why are we turning a blind-eye to our own potential and our community’s needs, when SOMEONE is depending upon YOU/ME/US to show up? Why are we turning a blind eye to helping OTHERS? Amazing enough, none of us are blind to the increased crime rates, the impoverished education systems that we DUMP our children into, lay-offs, increased unemployment rates, welfare reform, hunger and/or healthcare issues. We participate gladly in economic downfalls, we stay silent and fall IN LOVE with a broken system and as a result we remain trapped in the modern day form of slavery. Due to fear of loss - OUR INACTION and SILENCE is killing US!

WE WATCH all these things happening before our EYES and yet we become gossipers about the problems; spectators in our own demise. YET, the moment a solution comes knocking on our doorsteps that can change lives (including ours) -- WE disappear and hideout with the masses (those 90 percenters)... then have the gall to become skeptics, critics, analysts, traditionalist and as a result we remain STUCK in our coffins. Amazing how quick we can draw on our potential to say NO, NOT FOR ME, NOPE, I’m GOOD and base our objections on what didn't work for OTHERS! We kill our potential - because the truth of the matter is WERE afraid change and success and FAIL at recognizing the very things we've sought out the universe for.

The Alchemist says - the Universe will conspire to bring you all that you ask for. Good, Bad or Indifferent!

If, you're an organizer, minister, pastor, promoter, activist, wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother or a human over the age of 18! YOU are accountable! You have the capacity to ride this wave in! You’re not reading this by accident! This is divine appointment! It’s okay if you don’t agree. But you have the info and now your a responsible. It's time to SHIFT! Move out of your own way and MOVE forward. PERIOD!


How long will we witness the masses suffering, and PROCLAIM, its NOT MY PROBLEM. IT is your problem... you have tools to give... to those looking for a handouts or a hand-ups! Instead of kicking people who are down, YOU are responsible for educating and leading from the front and being the change we know is needed.

Again, this is just one woman's opinion that can't be sugar coated it, as enough people have done that and as a result, many die at 21 waiting to be buried by 65 – because they stopped dreaming and have let the opinions of others suffocate them - and those seeking help, know the ones with the means and resources are being selfish and NOT delivering.

Allow to me say this, we can create all the programs we want, get all the great degrees and JOBS (Journeys of the Broke), read and commentate on everyone’s else's life (versus building one of our own), even continue to ingest the rhetoric of broke people, poor mindsets and continue to seek out the opinions of those who really desire nothing more than to be comfortable... and don't have a dream to give you to replace the one you gave up on ... However, I promise you - while you’re looking for an excuse, relishing in YOUR OWN comfort... there is a grave-digger looking for a plot to bury you in.

Many who follow me no I HATE excuses and I do mean HATE. They are the death of dreams, the fertilizer of selfishness and a result they become the roots of generational curses. I watch and amazing enough, many will turn around and complain about what we need more of - but won't go get it! WAKE UP, it isn't coming to you.. ITS HERE and IF YOU KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED - like you do with everything else - YOU WILL SADLY MISS IT!

Stopping hope'n, wish'en and pray'en for relief, or a breakthrough to magically fall out of the sky. YET do nothing different when it comes! So many won't breakout, breakthrough, or walk-out God's promises (because they are watching YOU - their examples and its becoming CYCLIC) and as a result - change never happens -- and WE WONDER WHY!

Faith without works … is DEAD! DEAD.... 6FT UNDER... I DID SAY DEAD! DONE! FINITO!

If you look around, our actions clearly indicate that were not only too comfortable, we are too casual , and won't do the real work... we WANT to remain in the rat race, spin our wheels in the same systems that are BOLDY, TELLING YOU - FAILURE IS THE END RESULT... were heading back to the great depression.... and going NO WHERE FAST... Allow me for a few more minutes to as my daughter would say "keep it 100". THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL - RISE TO THE OCCASION!!

Look around? How many people around you are hurting? How does it feel to have the ability and knowledge to help change a family's life and still DO NOTHING with it? Perhaps you have it all made in the shade - well if you DO - YOUR HELP is really needed! WAKE UP. It's NO LONGER ABOUT YOU! IT'S JUST NOT! I don't care what you do -YOU CAN HELP someone else and it’s time to change legacies and GENERATIONS - DO THAT!

I don't go to funerals anymore. I can't take the despair or death of dreams or ingest the stories of could've, would've, should've. I don't wish to see people shedding tears of regret, falling out over a coffins, and ultimately fighting over the bills NOT wills.. Uncle or Auntie, Momma, or Daddy didn't prepare of have what they need to take care of the generations coming behind them and watch another wasted life get placed 6 feet under... THE LIVING NEEDS YOU - NOW!

What will you leave behind? What will you be known for? Whose life will you change? What EXAMPLE will you have SET? It's time out for the excuses!! PERIOD!!

This weekend, the Tsunami (Chinaza) is coming to Charlotte, NC ( with a proven solution that is changing lives and empowering change - 10 YEARS OF GREATNESSS I might add!

It's time to BE ABOUT IT. Join me on this assignment that CANNOT be accomplished alone! Don't miss this. We know everyone can’t be saved. In the words of my brother Orlanda "It's going down". For those that want to get onboard. Information is FREE and its cost you nothing to obtain it. It could cost you everything to stand by and DO NOTHING!

Wake up, open your eyes… break out and stop searching for and/or making excuses. Take the first step and change SOMEONE else's life (and yours will change dramatically by default in the process – as will your finances)...

Those who have no vision of their own – will perish and remain a slave to someone else's..... Yes, it's lonely at the top and that's okay... I’d personally rather go there…. then to have company at the bottom...


See you soon!!!